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Cell Phone Policy

New residents and interns are given the option of using a personal cell phone or a hospital supplied cell phone. Hospital supplied cell phones are similar to the Samsung A847 or A157.

Clinicians and House Officers (along with a few managers) who work in the UF Veterinary Hospitals are eligible to receive a $48 per month allowance for use of a personal cell phone in lieu of using a hospital supplied cell phone. You may either provide your own number or transfer your existing VetMed number to a personal account if you have already been issued a hospital cell phone. Information regarding those options are listed here (PDF)

Please determine which form to fill out and submit it to Amanda Smith at

  • I want to use my personal phone and receive a stipend each month: Cell Phone Allowance Form
    • Only fill out the highlighted areas on the form
    • Advantages: only one phone to carry around and it’s usually easier to text
    • Disadvantages: AT&T provider works best, but you are welcome to use your current provider. Depending on your plan there might be some concern about texts and minutes used, and everyone has access to your personal phone number.
  • I want to use a hospital cell phone: Doctor Manager Cell Phone Policy and Form
    • Please be advised that we are currently reviewing others options for hospital cell phones. Therefore if you choose a hospital phone be prepared for a follow-up option to possibly be presented to you by Amanda Smith.
    • Advantages: separate phone from your personal phone, no concerns about minutes used on your personal bill, and there is great service within the hospital
    • Disadvantages: you have two cellphones to carry around and you have to relearn to text on a flip phone (T9 texting)