New Technician Intern Ordering Form

New Technician Intern Information

The information below will be used to create a Hospital Access Badge, Gator 1 ID and to order scrubs. Before submitting please verify that all information and spelling is accurate.
  • If you have not received one yet, please complete this information once you have finished creating a GatorLink account. Your email is your GatorLink username and ""
  • Please submit a short biography. This can include information from where you were born, what schools you have attended, to your personal interests and hobbies. This can also be submitted later by emailing to, but should be completed during orientation at the latest.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
  • Upload a photo using the link below which will be utilized to have your hospital security badge and Gator 1 identification card created before your arrival. Another official photo will be obtained on your first day of Orientation as well. Photo requirements: needs to be similar to a photo you would take for a passport, photo should have been taken within the last 3 months to reflect your current appearance, background should be plain or off-white, photo should be a full-face view, and you should be directly facing the camera.
    Accepted file types: jpg.
  • Scrubs are Cherokee Brand available in a number of styles and sizes. They will be ordered in royal blue. Common top styles include: Unisex Fit 4700 and 4777, Missy Fit 4801, 4757, and 4728. Common pant styles include: Unisex Fit 4100 and 4001, Missy Fit 4044, 4101, and 4020. Please visit and use their search function or visit your local scrub shop to determine which scrubs you prefer. Names will be embroidered on the tops so please be absolutely sure of the sizing before making a selection. If you have any questions or concerns please direct your inquiry to (including options in regards to additional sizes or tall and petite styles)
  • Fill in your style choice for both the top and bottoms