View from the Associate Dean for Clinical Services

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Dr. Dana Zimmel

Dr. Dana Zimmel

For the past five years I have served as chief of staff of the University of Florida Veterinary Hospitals, and have seen the clinical services component of the college’s mission grow and thrive during that time. It has been gratifying to me both personally and professionally to have been a part of this period of such phenomenal growth and change, and your support has made that possible.

This past April, I accepted a new position as the college’s associate dean for clinical services. This position affords a wonderful opportunity for me to help enhance visibility and public awareness of the clinical services component of the college mission among an increasing number of both internal and external stakeholders. I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue my service in this way and excited about what the future holds.

My tenure as chief of staff began with the opening of our magnificent new Small Animal Hospital in the fall of 2010. So much has happened since then and it is impossible to touch on everything, but a few things stand out as developments I am especially proud of:

  • The creation and grand opening of the UF-Pet Emergency Treatment Services facility in Ocala in 2012. The Ocala PETS clinic is a nationally unique business model, and reflects an agreement we have with veterinarians from the Ocala/Marion County area to provide after-hours emergency veterinary services in the area.
  • The Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society’s designation of our Small Animal Hospital as a Level One emergency and critical care facility in 2015. The designation means our hospital is the only one in the state to hold such a certification, the highest given by the VECCS and was given in acknowledgement of the UF Small Animal Hospital’s capabilities and high standards of care.
  • The opening of the UF Large Animal Hospital’s Equine Sports Performance Complex in 2014. This beautiful new arena enables our equine lameness specialists to better observe and evaluate issues that are only apparent while a horse is under saddle. We are the only veterinary facility in the state to offer such a facility in tandem with complete state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

All of these developments are significant in that they represent just a few ways in which our college and the UFVH are now better serving Florida’s animal-owning public and their veterinarians.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in and support of our programs.


Associate Dean for Clinical Services
Chief Medical Officer
Clinical Associate Professor