Want to attend the small or large animal session in person? Just select that option when you register. On June 15, breakfast and check-in starts at 7:00 a.m., with lunch concluding at 1:30 p.m. Our hospital street address is 2089 SW 16th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32608.

FOR ALL VETERINARIANS: The popular three-hour Florida Rules and Laws and Pharmacy Dispensing Rules course will be offered virtually only! Our veterinary pharmacist Dr. Megan Eide and UF attorney Brian Boelens will present updates; we will email all registrants a link and you can view the content for thirty days. We are not offering this course onsite this year.


These sessions will be available to all in-person and virtual attendees.

Small Animal Session (TBD)

  • Angiotensin 2 Blockers for Proteinuria – Dr. Amanda Inman
  • What’s Best for GI Imaging: Radiographs or Ultrasound? – Dr. Elodie Huguet
  • What to Expect From a Surgical Oncologist – Dr. Judit Bertran
  • Renal Biomarkers: Does the SDMA Test Solve All of Our Problems? – Dr. Autumn Harris
  • Clinical Trials Update – Dr. Rowan Milner
  • Are Those Lymphocytes That I am Looking At Benign or Malignant? – Dr. Stacey Fox-Alvarez
  • Managing the UO Cat – Dr. Kathleen Maxwell
  • Beyond BUN and Cr, What Else Can the Serum Chemistry Panel Reveal on CHF Patients? – Dr. Darcy Adin
  • New Recommendations for IV Disc Disease – Dr. Sheila Carrera
  • Subclinical Bacteriuri: is it really ok not to Rx? – Dr. Andrew Specht

Large Animal Session (TBD)

  • Urolithiasis in small ruminants – Dr. Anje Bauck
  • Cantharidin toxicity in horses – Dr. Todd Holbrook
  • Recruitment and retention of equine students and veterinarians: The data and what we can do – Dr. Amanda House
  • Endocrine update – Dr. Martha Mallicote
  • What a pain in the neck! Approaches to cervical spine disorders – Dr. Sally DeNotta
  • Transvenous Electrical Cardioversion (TVEC) for atrial fibrillation – Dr. Michael Aherne
  • Abortion work up: A case-based approach – Dr. Audrey Kelleman
  • More questions than answers: Medicine cases of the year – Dr. Daniela Luethy
  • Electrochemotherapy: A new treatment option for tumors – Dr. Diego DeGasperi

Lunch With a Specialist

In-person attendees may select one topic to learn about during lunch and are available to a limited number of registrants. This additional hour of CE is not available virtually.

Small Animal Lunch Presenting Faculty (TBD)

  • Some new treatments for heart failure – Dr. Darcy Adin
  • Anything mast cell – Dr. Judit Bertran and Stacey Fox-Alvarez
  • Pit viper antivenoms: the why’s and which to use – Dr. Michael Schaer
  • Bothersome bugs in UTI: Clinical approach for recurrent or resistant types – Dr. Andrew Specht
  • What’s new with CKD and proteinuria management? – Dr. Autumn Harris
  • Triage: treatment guidelines – Dr. Jessica Hutson
  • The newer epileptic drugs – Dr. Sheila Carrera

Large Animal Lunch Presenting Faculty (TBD)

  • Ask the specialists: Large Animal Internal Medicine – Drs. Daniela Luethy, Sally DeNotta and Martha Mallicote
  • Ask a specialist: Large Animal Surgery – Dr. Diego DeGasperi
  • Ask a specialist: Theriogenology – Dr. Audrey Kelleman

For Small and Large Animal Veterinarians

  • Mental Wellness in Your Practice – Erica Cuneo, LCSW


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