Ordering Form

Please select the order form link below, fill out, and submit. The information collected will be used for various objectives, which depending on your service may include: creating your Hospital Security badge/Gator 1 ID card and ordering uniform items.

Please note that not all positions will have uniforms ordered beforehand. If that ends up being the case for your position uniforms will be discussed, but opted to be handled directly by your department after your arrival on-campus instead.

If uniform options are listed, only items needed to start clinics are ordered beforehand (e.g. lab coats +/- scrubs). All other items are considered optional with additional options and details to be discussed during orientation.

Questions or Concerns

For questions or concerns please submit an email to HouseOfficerSubmissions@vetmed.ufl.edu and your inquiry will be forwarded to your specific ordering contact:

  • Small Animal Hospital (includes Anesthesia and Shelter Medicine: VCOP): Maya Hester
  • Large Animal Hospital: Kelly Higgs-Rick
  • WEC: Meghan McInturf
  • FARMS: Michelle Driver
  • Clinical Pathology: Olive Ramsay
  • Anatomic Pathology: Brianne Hoover
  • Aquatic Animal Health: TBD
  • Shelter Medicine: Dr. Cynda Crawford

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