2022 Veterinary Technician CE Sessions

All sessions will be held in-person on the main campus of the UF Veterinary Hospitals, located at 2089 SW 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32608.

Morning Lecture Sessions:

Small Animal Focus

I’m All Ears! Let’s Talk About Otitis
Otitis simply means inflammation of the ear canal and may be a symptom of an underlying issue. This lecture will focus on common clinical signs of otitis externa in dogs and cats, along with a discussion of primary, predisposing and perpetuating factors that can lead to more chronic changes. We will discuss
treatment options, and the importance of the technician’s role in client education.

Osteosarcoma: What’s Next?
In this lecture you will learn how to field client questions about osteosarcoma, provide clients with the resources that are available to them, and learn more about immunotherapies and how they play a role in extending longevity.

Anatomy of the Anesthesia Machine
Course will include history of the development of the anesthesia machine, and the purpose of the anesthesia machine. The discussion will also include the different parts of the anesthesia machine and their function. Included in the discussion will be a look at modern anesthesia machines currently in use in teaching hospitals. This course is a segue into the afternoon anesthesia troubleshooting lab.

Show Me Your Puppies! Anesthesia for the Small Animal Cesarean Section Patient

Heart Disease in Cats

Examination and Treatments for the Most Common Ophthalmic Emergencies
Ophthalmic emergencies often make many technicians squeamish and uncomfortable. In this session helpful exam skills in triaging ophthalmic emergencies in small animals will be discussed. We will go over common ophthalmic emergencies, how to collect samples, and discuss treatment options including medical and surgical.

All Good Things Must Come to an End: End of Life and Euthanasia Care

Taming the Beast: Feline Behavior 101
This lecture will include how to interpret feline body language, how to handle difficult patients, and how to make hospital stays more comfortable for cats. We will delve in to the benefits fear free feline handling and various techniques.

A Pain in My Mast Cell
We will take a detailed look at characteristics of mast cell tumors and disease, including steps to reach a diagnosis as well as next steps once the issue is identified.

The Mountains and Valleys of the Blowhole: Capnography
Objective is to know the importance of capnography and how to identify issues that can occur and how one can address the issue.

Dogs Saving Dogs: Starting a Canine Blood Donor Program in Your Clinic
Purchasing blood products from a commercial supplier is one way to prepare for emergencies. However, the nationwide demand far exceeds the supply, which means the product your patient urgently needs may be on a lengthy backorder. The steps to create a volunteer canine blood donor program will be outlined, covering topics such as donor selection & screening, blood collection techniques, component processing and blood product storage.

From Booties to Braces and Wheelchairs: Navigating the World of Assistive Devices
If you have ever looked at the internet for any kind of assistive device for a pet, you will realize the sheer amount of options out there. This session will provide you with insight into the pros and cons of everything from booties to harnesses to wheelchairs and everything in between to allow you to be able to provide guidance to your patients and your own pets.

Large Animal Focus

Veterinary Medication Jeopardy: What Do You Know?
Review of common veterinary drugs in large animal practice. Attendees should come prepared for an interactive session with anonymous participation using cell phones to send their responses.

Equine Standing Sedation & Local Anesthesia

Blood Transfusions: Not Just for Vampires
We will discuss common indications for blood transfusions in large animals and what triggers we use to determine the need for transfusion. We will also discuss how to perform blood transfusions in large animals with particular attention to species-specific considerations.

Mental Resiliency in the Post-Pandemic Workplace
How can we go from surviving to thriving in the post pandemic workplace? In this session we will discuss how mental resilience is vital for people who are working in the physically and mentally demanding field of veterinary medicine and how we can come out stronger than before. Strategies to build and strengthen resilience will be covered so you can thrive professionally and personally.

Lunch Sessions:

Microaggressions and Bias in Vetmed
This session will not only provide definitions and examples of both conscious and unconscious bias and microaggressions in a veterinary setting, but empower participants with the language, tools, and practical steps to address negative behavior with supervisors, co-workers, and clients. This interactive session includes peer-to-peer breakout sessions led by facilitators to engage in critical and thoughtful dialogue. Participants of all levels are invited to join this workshop to build skills to address hard conversations on their workplace, and even personal lives.

Superstar Teams

Afternoon Sessions:

Think It Through Case Reviews – *Small Animal Focus

Electrocardiograms (ECGs) in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine*

“Do I Stab it, Shock it, or Compress it?” A CPR Case Review*

Acute Kidney Injury: Initial Interventions and Long-term Therapies*

Snakebite Case Review*

Dental Pathology Case Review*
For this session, we will learn to differentiate right from left teeth and maxillary versus mandibular teeth. We will note normal versus abnormal findings. We will go over common pathology and look at some interesting cases as well.

Labs – *Small Animal Focus

The Best Things in Life are Fear-Free
Learn how to get more out of your patients with less stress for everyone. We will discuss how to recognize signs of fear, anxiety, and aggression and how to approach these situations safely and effectively. You will learn ways to read what your patient is asking for and learn techniques to give them what they need in order for you to get done what you need.

Aspirates and Cytology: Hitting the Mark
In this hands-on wet lab, you will be able to look at different malignant cells under the microscope, and learn how to perform fine needle aspirates.

Bandaging Basics (Hands-On Coaptation in Dogs and Cats)*
Participants will review bandage materials and learn to apply common orthopedic bandaging such as modified Robert Jones and splint coaptation of fractures.

Dissecting Muscle Madness: A Hands On Review of Muscle Anatomy*
We will discuss and palpate major muscle groups that are most affected by injuries or body confirmation. The lab goal is to refresh participants memory of anatomy as well as bring awareness to these muscles on live healthy and neurologic dogs.

Small Animal Ophthalmology Examination Skills for the Veterinary Technician*
How to perform an indirect and direct ophthalmic exam, STT, IOP, and fluorescein stain

Constant Glucose Monitors: Let’s Get Techy*
This interactive lecture is intended to review diabetes in feline and canine patients. We will discuss the role of veterinary technicians in the continued care of diabetic patients, specifically when it comes to using continued glucose monitoring. Presenters will teach best application, explanation of at home use, and data collection.

Masterclasses – *Small Animal Focus

Triage of Critical Cases*

Anesthesia Machines Set Up
Understanding anesthesia machines and how to assemble for different breathing circuits for various patient sizes.


*Schedule may be subject to change.

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